Lata Berembun

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Prior to arrival of destination, a quick search on Google would show the details of Lata Berambun. With the title of G10 or listed among the top 10 mountain within the Peninsula, it is situated along Gunung Benom (2,107m), Raub district, west of Pahang. Located 38km away is a town called Sungai Klau, where the entry point is situated.

In order to reach the destination, the only way of getting there is via the deployment of four wheel drive vehicles. A durian farm can be seen along the way. The most challenging part of the journey however is at its beginning stage as the ride will be very bumpy regardless of the seating cabin position due to the terrain. The situation could become worse in case a rain take place the day before. Potholes will becomes a common sight and travellers have to take extra measures to avoid any unfortunate situation. But it's the rush of adrenaline that's keeping thrill seekers to revisit for more adventure experience.

Overall, the journey would require approximately an hour and this will eventually take its toll as bodies would go weak and numb, but at the end of the day, it's the reward of experience and excitement that makes the entire trip worthwhile.

Hidden from plain sight is the renowned Lata Berembun waterfall where the clear water is pouring down from its tall cliff and the splashing sound can be heard from afar. Living up to its name, it sure is a majestic sight to behold as the scene clearly compliment with its natural surroundings. All in all, giving out a sense of embracement and the feeling of being close to nature.

The first waterfall is over a hundred feet tall where the water stream will flow into a huge lake. Nicknamed as "The Lake Goddess", it has the clarity of crystal and even the bottom of the lake bed can be seen without a doubt. Up ahead, there are countless more obstacles to be conquered.

After around 30 minutes of journey comes the second waterfall called the "Sliding Lake". What people admire about this place is the ability to have tons of fun in the water especially sliding and feeling the water gushing alongside. Moving on for another 20 minutes is the pinnacle and also the highest spot of the waterfall. What's special with this is place is that it has a two-tier waterfall, and a beautiful top view.

In short, this trip is suitable for a short getaway one day expedition or also camp over. Food and accommodation can always be arranged beforehand accordingly. To top things up, there's an extra pleasant surprise if visitors travel during the durian season as they get to feast on the famous Musang King durian.

The purpose of this visit is to indulge and unwind in nature finest offerings: the green grass, forest, birds and the fragrance of flowers will bring you into a different dimension that definitely take your stress away along with the breeze of wind. To reflect on a deeper level, every element that exist today has its root of origin, the leaves and trees, the earth, all of which are combined through the forces of nature to form the whole forest that it is today.

This includes the waterfall which is the most appealing part of it. It is the forest that gave the waterfalls and rivers a source to provide. It won't be present if the forest was absent in the first place.

This adventure isn't just about riding four wheel vehicles, crossing muddy roads or having fun with water related activities, it is unpredictable and has so much more to offer besides those.


Address Lata Berembun, Raub
Phone 0199184125